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President's Message

Dear Samajan,
First of all a Big thank you to all for selecting me as a President and give the reins of Samaj in my hands...

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A vastipatrak is a booklet / database which contain details of Samaj's members and their family like address, no. family members, contact, occupation, marital status and other related information.


Utthaan is a Quarterly Magazine published by Shree NavgamVisanagarVanikSamaj which provides information to the members of the Samaj about the various activities carried out by the Samaj.

An Appeal

  • You can update your family details online by clicking on "Vastipatrak - Update" or fill physical form and send to any of the Samaj offices
  • If you wish to publish your articles, poem, news, events, advertisement in Utthaan / Website, you can write to us on
  • Every Samajjan's should contribute to Samaj in terms of work, ideas, donation, taking part in events organised by Samaj.
  • You can make Online Donation by Clicking on Donate Now
  • If you have any ideas, suggestions, feedback for the website kindly email us at

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